IECON 2013 received an extraordinary high number of high-quality tutorial proposals. Only 12 of them were selected to be held at the conference:

Omar Ellabban (Texas A&M University at Qatar) Z-Source Inverter: Basics, Modeling, Controlling, topology modifications and applications Nov 11 Afternoon
Markus Aleksy (ABB Corporate Research, Germany) Industry 4.0 - Utilizing Wearable & Mobile Systems for Improved Service Delivery Nov 11 Afternoon
Suzanne Lesecq (Campus, Grenoble, France) Tools, Services and Engineering methodologies for Robust, Adaptive, Self-organising and Cooperating Monitoring and Control Systems Nov 11 Afternoon
Johan Driesen (ESAT-?ELECTA, Belgium) Electric Vehicle Charging Integration in Distribution Grids Nov 12 Morning
Daniel Hissel (FCLAB Research Federation (CNRS)) PHM of fuel cell system a state of the art Nov 12 Morning
Thilo Sauter (Vienna University of Technology) Industrial Ethernet Technologies, Comparisons, Practical Considerations Nov 12 Morning
Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt (Coventry University) Frequency Control and Inertia Response Schemes for
the Future Power Networks
Nov 12 Afternoon
David A. Staton (Motor Design Ltd, United Kingdom) Modern Design Process of Electric Motors Nov 12 Afternoon
Olivier Tremois (Xilinx: Le Val Saint Quentin Bat B) Xilinx - Enabling New Product Innovations Across Markets with Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC, Vivado HLS and IP Integrator Nov 12 Afternoon
Andrew S. Holmes (Imperial College London) Energy Harvesting from Motion: Fundamentals and Recent Advances Nov 13 Morning
Johann Walter Kolar (Power Electronics - ETH Zurich) Solid-State Transformer Concepts in Traction and Smart Grid Applications Nov 13 Morning
Toshiaki Tsuji (University of Saitama, Japan) New Emerging Technologies in Motion Control Systems
missing material!
Nov 13 Morning

The IECON 2013 Tutorial Chairs

Seta Bogosyan (USA), Carlo Cecati (ITALY), Heimo Zeilinger (AUSTRIA)