Some inspiration for the time after or before the conference by the IECON 2013 organizers...

Peter's Picks

I live in the 2nd district, so here are my recommendations for a nice, quiet 12h-evening in my neighborhood:

18:00: Start at "Kaffee Alt Wien" (Baeckerstr 9) with some Coffee and Apfelstrudel.

18:30: Walk down Rothenturmstr. toward Schwedenplatz and have a small beer in "Motto am Fluss" to enjoy the view.

19:00: Cross the river, walk north on Taborstr, have a quick glass of "Gruener Veltliner" in "Tachles" (Karmeliterplatz 1).

19:30: Continue on Taborstr until Rotensterngasse, turn right and have some Absinth in "a bar shabu" (Rotensterng. 8), also check out the other local organic stuff there.

20:00: Get some Mexican food in "Pancho" (Blumauerg 1) to be prepared for the night (check out the extraordinary rum menu).

22:00: Continue across the street with some cocktails in "Bricks" (Taborstr 38).

23:00: Take the U2 one station to Schottenring, exit there, follow the weird looking crowd, take the stairs down the river and enter "Flex". It might get loud.

02:00: Take a taxi to "Concerto" (Lerchenfelder Guertel 53), enjoy some live jamming.

06:00: Take the underground to "Naschmarkt" (U4 Kettenbrueckengasse) and have breakfast. Good morning!

The always-possible alternative is a wine cellar. My favorite one in the inner city is "Esterhazykeller" (Haarhof 1).

Your Program Chair Peter.

Friederich's Picks

Small Tour through Viennas best coffee houses.

Start at the Opera at Karlsplatz. Walk to the backside of the Opera. You will see CafTirolerhof opposite to the Albertina behind the Hrdlicka statues. Have a nice Melange or Kleiner Brauner here and a look into the Newspaper. Have the plum cake here!

From Tirolerhof, walk to the other side of the square and have a Turkish coffee in CafMozart.

After that, take you time for a 20 minutes walk through the first district passing the Stephansdom, take into Rothenturmgasse and turn right into Wollzeile. At the end of Wollzeile, you find Cafe Prueckel. Here, have a nice "Prueckel Creme" and also some nice food.

Most Coffee houses close around 22 pm. If you like to have a later coffee (until 0:00), the best places are

- Cafe Englaeder, Postgasse close to Wollzeile

- Cafe Grinsteidl, Michelerplatz at the Hofburg

Your Special Session Chair Friederich.

Georg's Picks

I live in the 8th district, these are my recommended hot spots or a classic Vienna evening / night in the city center:

18:00: Begin your Vienna tour at the Kuenstlerhaus at the Karlsplatz and take a glass of wine and have a nice dinner (traditional meals, made with passion by the chef de la cuisine)

19:30: It is time for a classical concert at the gorgeous Musikverein Wien (Musikvereinsplatz) walk 2 buidlings further at Karlsplatz (smart deal: standing place tickets at 4 EUR are always available seize the music and acoustics)

21:30: Go towards Ringstrasse and cross the opera square, continue on Kaernterstrasse towards St. Stephan's cathedral (night walk)

22:00: take a glass of wine at the Bar Weinorgel (Baeckerstr 2) you'll experience a unique atmosphere (peanut covered floor of an old wine bar)

23:00: continue your tour: make a promenade from St. Stephan's, passing the Hofburg to the restaurant-bar Holunderstrauch (Schreyvogelgasse 3) close to the Burgtheater and grab a glass of beer (artists and politicians may contact you there)

00:00: it is time to head to Cafe Europa (Zollergasse 8): cool people, funky music, always packed.

02:00: get out of Cafe Europa and take 15mins walk through the 8th district to Cafe Anno (Lerchenfelderstr 132): even better music, more night life

03:45: go to "A Klasse Hasse" Wuerstelstand at U6 Thaliastrasse and order a Bosner (probably the best Bosner in Vienna)

04:00: floating locations possible now, get informed at the Wuerstelstand for eventual events, concerts or parties directly at the Guertel (Weberknecht, Cafe Carina, Rhiz, etc)

05:00: if you do not have enough night life then take a taxi to Cafe Bendl (Landesgerichtsstr 6): there, you get what you want!

06:30: Get back to your hotel by public transportation / taxi. My favourite accommodation is the Pension Nossek (Graben 17): a classical, old style Vienna Hotel run by lovely staff

Your Exhibitor Chair Georg.

Florian's Picks

18:00: take the 38A bus from Heiligenstadt to Kahlenberg

18:30: Enjoy the spectacular view you have on the city from the terrace on the Kahlenberg. Then walk the Kahlenbergerstrasse through the vineyards down into the direction of Nuorf.

19:30: at Kahlenbergerstrasse 20, enter the Heuringen Kierlinger. Have some wine or spritzer, accompanied by various pieces of cold cut and roast, which you have to get yourself at the counter.

20:30: Take the D tram to Heiligenstadt, the U4 to Schwedenplatz

21:00: Live music should start any minute at Jazzland at Franz Josefs-Kai 29. Go down the stairs, have a drink or two and enjoy the music in this deep cellar

23:30: Take the tram number 1 or 2 to Volkstheater

00:00: Walk from the Ring to Volkstheater itself. Mix with the people who stayed there after show or just went there for a drink or two at the "Rote Bar".

02:00: Close to the Volktheater, find the unmarked door at Karl Schweighofer Gasse 10 and enter the Donau. Get yourself exposed to some electronic music mitigate the effect of the jazz you had earlier on, and maybe a drink or two.

04:00: Get to the Mariahilfer Wuerststandl at Mariahilferstrasse 77a. Eat a Kaesekrainer and have a last beer or two. Get a drunk as your new best friend or be the drunk who finds a new best friend. Try to remember where your hotel is.

05:00: Remember where your hotel is. Get a cab, a night bus or walk there.