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The IES Industry Forum provides specialized conference sessions hosting speakers from industry to discuss product and technology directions, challenges, and other industry issues with creation, application, and production of products using Industrial Electronics Technologies and necessary computational, communications, and security infrastructures needed to use these technologies. Speakers are focusing their presentations on technical challenges of interest to the technical audience; there is no written conference publication. Speakers are expected to interact with the conference attendees to discuss Industry issues. Admission to the industry forum sessions is complementary for all conference attendees.

For IECON 2013 the following Industry Form sessions will be held, focusing on the potential contribution of Industrial Electronics technologies:


Industrial Electronics Technologies are evolving with application areas being driven from cloud services. This session examines the challenges and industry directions in this area.

Automation "Next Generation Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: Merging SoA and Cloud Computing Technologies" (Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013, 08:30-10:30)
Chairs: Armando Walter Colombo, Thomas Bangemann, Stamatis Karnouskos
Speaker Company Title
Armando Walter Colombo Schneider Electric and University of Applied Sciences Emden, Germany The Future of SoA enabled CPS in Industrial Automation
Stamatis Karnouskos SAP, Germany Cloud-based CPS in Industrial Automation
Thomas Bangemann / Francois Jammes ifak e.V., Germany / Schneider Electric, France Where is SoA Technology going in Industrial Automation?
Robert Harrison / Stuart McLeod University of Warwick, UK / University of Warwick, UK Engineering challenges for SoA-based Manufacturing Automation Systems
Oscar Carlsson / Jerker Delsing Midroc, Sweden / Luleo University, Sweden Proof of Concepts and Outlooks for Future Industrial Automation Systems
Michael Condry Intel Corporation, USA What are the steps to realize the IMC-AESOP vision?


Security is an increasingly growing and complex problem particularly for industry solutions where critical infrastructure can be attacked. There will be Industry speakers addressing different technology area exposing the challenges and directions of security across industrial electronics technologies including control systems, remote power management, and others.

Security "Advances in Cyber Security" (Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013, 11:00-13:00)
Chairs: Michael Condry, Stamatis Karnouskos
Speaker Company Title
Stamatis Karnouskos SAP, Germany Tampering with the Internet of Things
Adrian Pauna ENISA - European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, Greece ICS-SCADA testing and patching: Recommendations for Europe
Robert Vamosi Mocana, USA The Little Crypto That Could
Michael Condry Intel Corporation, USA Advantages of Biometric technology to traditional passwords for authentication

EV Technologies

Industrial electronics play an important role in the development of EV technologies. Demands of the EV market are changing with adoption growing slower than expected. The goal of this session is to discuss challenges and possible solutions covering EC EV chargers, power electronics, battery systems, development of integrated vehicle concepts featuring electric drive concepts and lightweight construction technologies, etc.

Electric Vehicles "Advances in EV Technology, making EVs smarter and more connected" (Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013, 16:30-18:30)
Chairs: Joachim Taiber, Victor Huang
Speaker Company Title
Johann Prenninger BMW, Germany Advanced Diagnostics and Predictive Analytics of Vehicle Data
Oliver Seidelmann DEWETRON, Austria Determine the energy balance of a battery-electric car during normal driving
Klaus Kersting IDIADA, Spain Validation tests for DC charging stations
Fritz Kasslatter Siemens Austria, Austria Cooperative ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems for Electric Vehicles

Power and Energy Systems

The demand for advanced Industrial Electronics and Informatics solutions is growing in the power industry satisfying Smart Grids requirements and needs. This session examines challenges and trends dealing with industrial electronics, power electronics, information and communication technology, energy management systems, power utility automation, smart consumers & loads (intelligent buildings, storages, etc.) and the integration of renewables into the future energy grids.

Power and Energy Systems 1 "Smart Grid Developments and Demonstration Projects" (Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013, 14:00-16:00)
Chairs: Thomas Strasser, Helfried Brunner
Speaker Company Title
Erik de Jong DNV GL - Research & Innovation, The Netherlands Supergrids and smartgrids – two sides of the same coin?
Andreas Lugmaier Siemens Austria, Austria Status quo of R&D on Austrian Smart Grids project examples
Andreas Abart Energie AG Netz, Austria Smart Grid - copper versus silicium
Markus Radauer Salzburg AG Netz, Austria Smart Grids Model Region Salzburg - The way to the change of the energy system
Power and Energy Systems 2 "DER Components and ICT Systems for Smart Grids" (Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, 08:30-10:30)
Chairs: Thomas Strasser, Thomas Bleier
Speaker Company Title
Martin Heidl Fronius International, Austria Functions and Capabilities of PV Inverters to be part of a Smart Grid
Jürgen Resch COPA-DATA, Austria PC-based Energy Automation with IEC 61850
Franz Eder B&R Automation, Austria Innovative concepts and trends of automation equipment for power and energy systems
Eric Lambert Electricite de France (EDF), France "Interoperability" between IEC Smart Grid standard activities and EDF R&D projects
Henk Oldenkamp OKE-Services, The Netherlands Power electronics and electrical requirements of micro inverters, history 94' and state-of-the-art
Power and Energy Systems 3 "Testing and Validation Approaches and Tools for Smart Grid Systems" (Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, 11:00-13:00)
Chairs: Thomas Strasser, Georg Lauss
Speaker Company Title
Paul Forsyth RTDS Technologies, Canada Real Time Simulation for Energy and Power Systems
Dusan Majstorovic TyphoonHIL, Switzerland HIL, a nice to have or a must have technology for Smart Grid and Intelligent Energy Systems?
Jean Belanger Opal-RT, Canada Using Dyno, analog benches, RCP and HIL simulation to develop and test power electronic controllers used in drive, microgrid and HVDC applications
Michael Steurer Florida State University - Center of Advanced Power Systems, USA The HIL Based Model Validation Paradigm - Tools, Challenges, and Application Examples

LED Lighting

Recent developments in LED lighting provide a big potential for energy savings. Industrial trends and developments regarding LED technology (new material), LED lighting and applications are the main focus of this session.

LED Lighting "Advances and Applications in Today’s Environment and Beyond" (Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, 14:00-16:00)
Chairs: JunMing Zhang, Victor Huang, Thomas Novak
Speaker Company Title
Maura Ceresa Cree Technologies, Italy Cree Technology and Products Vision for 2014
Thomas Novak Swarco Futurit, Austria Integrated traffic management
Stefan Dietrich RWTH Aachen University, Germany LED Drivers in the Future - A Different Approach (position paper)
Tiago Marchesan Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil The Importance of LED System Thermal Design (position paper)
Xiaohui Qu Southeast University, China Current sharing techniques in LED driver (position paper)
WenPeng Deng Cambridge University, England LED driver: Efficiency, Precision and Dimming (position paper)
Panel Discussion (30 minutes – all participants)

Industry Forum sessions are part of the IECON 2013 conference. There are many details on the Industry Forum, including past sessions, available on the and websites.

In addition to the Industry Forum, attendees will be also interested in the general IECON 2013 sessions and related events.


Companies are invited to participate in the Industry Forum, by providing speakers and/or attending and participate in discussions and/or exhibiting. Companies involved in IES Industry Forum may also wish to sponsor a small exhibit booth at the IECON 2013 conference that can be done for a small sponsorship fee.


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